Angus Hughson and Andrew Caillard

Andrew Caillard MW releases The Vintage Journal

The Vintage Journal – – is a compelling addition to Australia’s wine media landscape. Co-created by leading wine auction identity and author Andrew Caillard MW, it draws on his 40 years’ experience in the industry and an extensive, unique and unmatched “Australian Ark” archive of historical research. 

The Vintage Journal is a collaboration with publisher, digital media specialist and former academic Angus Hughson, the founder of Winepilot. Andrew Caillard’s content will comprise a series of tasting notes, reviews, regional features, stories on Australian wine history, ebooks, occasional videos and podcasts. 

Regular excerpts of Australian wine history – highlighting people, places and events – will be a central feature of The Vintage Journal. This material is drawn from “The Australian Ark”, a remarkable 300,000-word history of Australian Wine which will be published as an encyclopedic three-volume book in 2023. It will also feature a Canon of Australian Wine which highlights every significant Australian wine produced over the last 230 years.

TVJ Publisher Angus Hughson said “Andrew Caillard’s unique lens – from the perspectives of being a wine auctioneer, international wine specialist, historian, reviewer and author – will provide interested wine people and collectors with a fresh outlook about Australian wine especially. The reference material is unparalleled.”

The Vintage Journal will become an easy to access media platform for anyone interested in Australia’s fine wine scene. It also includes a hosted forum to promote fine wine conversations between users. It is envisaged that The Vintage Journal will become a centre of informed debate and a useful guide to classic wines of all types.

Andrew Caillard MW said “The Vintage Journal is aimed at the wine industry, wine trade, wine media and fine wine collectors. It is a resource that promotes Australian fine wine and the world of wine generally. The Vintage Journal offers a fresh way of accessing information and builds on several years of research and experience. While tasting notes are ephemeral and personal, the wine stories of the Australian Ark are a timeless reference.” 

The Vintage Journal is freely available and all reviews and tasting notes can be re-published without permission. Content will be regularly updated though a general activity feed which can be easily accessed by smart phone or laptop. Andrew’s work is also conveniently filed under various chapters – Reviews – Stories – The Ark Project – Vintage Caillard – Penfolds – Wine Conversations – Paintings & Resources (which links users to key wine media and ebooks). 

The Vintage Journal has launched with a feast of content to choose from including, 

  • Caillard’s 20 “all-time great” Penfolds vintages (since 1945) including 1953 St Henri Claret, 1962 Bin 60A, 1971 Grange, 2008 Bin 389 and 2019 Bin144 Yattarna.
  • Reviews and stories on Cloudburst, Cullen, Henschke, Jasper Hill, Love Over Gold, Peter Lehmann Wines, Tappanappa, Wynns Coonawarra Estate and Yalumba The Caley.
  • Historical wine stories about Charles Darwin, Chateau Tahbilk, C1921 NV La Perouse Champagne, 1872 Craiglee Hermitage, Arthur Ray Beckwith, 1911 H Buring and Sobels Quelltaler Hock, 1891 Metala Vineyard, Surviving Vineyards of the 1850s.
  • Opinion stories on fakes, wine score inflation, Anders Josephson, 1890s Australian Burgundy Trade. 
  • Conversations about the transmission of vinestock material around Australia.

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